This twitter is for me to talk about my personal life and issues, which includes chronic illness, pill talk, and mental hiccups. It's also a place where i can just chill out and talk about stuff i'm too anxious to say on my main.

I rarely talk downly on other people, especially my friends. If you see a vague theres a 100% chance it's not aimed on anyone on twitter. I definitely try to stray from conflict & drama if private messaging is something achievable.

I will never leak tweets, no matter how much i disagree with you, and no matter how much i get peer pressured to, so it's best if you don't ask me to leak in the first place. If you trust me with your personal, i plan to keep that trust. If i have an issue with something you say i will dm, however i'm very accepting of differing opinions and usually (try to) stay neutral

If i ever say something wrong, feel free to correct me. I don't want this account to be a free card for me to spew out false info or offensive stuff. I doubt this will happen since i only really talk about myself, but i want to put that out there just in case. I like conversing with my friends and hearing other opinions.

If you have a personal, then i feel much more comfortable if it was mutual, and we both follow each others personals. If you don't follow with your personal as well i will most likely softblock. No hard feelings!

I used to talk about nsfw topics, but now that i have younger ones following me i will no longer bring it too heavily into that region. Also, if youre over 18, you can request a follow. Just make sure to expect me to decline if we arent somewhat close, and remember to follow me with your personal too!

If you like my posts, then i will like yours. I'm all about mutual stuff. If you want to interact with me, then feel free to, and i'll try my hardest to show you support

here are the things that i struggle w/ so that it doesnt seem like im stepping out of line if i discuss things in this region or use slurs

❥ bpd
❥ bdd
❥ ptsd
❥ ocd

Thank u for reading and i hope you enjoy the depression train